Are You at a Turning Point?

Job loss?    Divorce?   Relationship issues?   Money issues?   Communication problems?   Feeling disempowered?

You're going to be okay.
We're here to tell you you're going to be better than okay.
You're not just going to survive, you're going to thrive.
It's time to take control of your own life.

Join See Movement and find out.

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Announcing Leatrice's New Book, "Divorce with a Pen, Not a Sword:
A Practical Guide and Business Approach to Communicating,
Negotiating, and Drafting a Friendly Divorce."

"This book is absolutely brilliant. Brilliantly laid out, brilliantly written. Even though the author is a lawyer and a CPA,
the book is written in a conversational manner that reaches all audiences. Divorce isn't easy, but with this book as your guide,
you'll not only survive, you'll gain a perspective that will enable you to flourish.
Anyone facing a divorce owes it to themselves to have this book by their bedside."

This Book "de-emotionalizes" the entire divorce process - from initial communication to the final coming together as business partners. It does this by enabling people to take control of the process. It gives readers fundamental tools, offers examples of how others have managed to take control of the divorce process, and presents legitimate and realistic solutions in a conversational and easy to read format. It does not lecture, but reflects the thoughts of a woman JD-CPA business attorney sharing her experiences over the years with her clients.

By persuasively advocating a business approach to divorce, this Book is helpful to anyone pursuing a change in their relationship, especially in reducing or eliminating the pain and expense of standard soap opera divorces. This Book helps readers get past the emotional aspects of divorce to see the business aspects. If set up properly the first time, readers will have the opportunity to avoid on-going strife, including post divorce litigation.

What Is See Movement?

Every person wants the power and intuition to get what they want.
See Movement teaches you to access Energy to get what you want and get rid of what you don't want.

What Makes See Movement Different

See Movement works with Energy, which is universally accessible and never runs out.

Energy is accessed through feeling. The Energy that See Movement helps you access is the highest and best feeling Energy of all: That energy you feel when you feel euphoria, when you're "in the Zone".

The Energy that See Movement helps you access is the most powerful energy of all. It is the energy that created the planets; it is life force itself.

What See Movement Does

  1. Helps you access your "Zone".

  2. Helps you identify and communicate what you want.

  3. Helps you identify and release the Patterns, Filters, Blocks, and Roles that are preventing you from getting what you want.

Who We Are

We are consultants, coaches, mentors, wordsmiths, sounding boards, mirrors, and facilitators who work with energy.

Our credentials include:

The founder: A business attorney-CPA with over 30 years of experience minding other people's businesses.

Leatrice Lynne Latts, JD, CPA, Energy Psychologist and Wordsmith, was guided to See Movement through many years of receiving and working with intuitive guidance, and many years of practice as a business attorney specializing in facilitating and memorializing business transactions, communication, and problem prevention and solving. 

Several successful (read multi-million dollar) self-made business executives.

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