“THE ‘SOURCE’ OF RELATIONSHIPS: The Key to Relationships that are Better than       
Expected with Lovers, Partners, Associates, Friends, and Even Enemies”

A Handbook On Life And How To Live It.

In this Book, Lawyer and CPA, Leatrice Latts, explains the basic principles involved in having and keeping healthy relationships.  There are an endless number of these books on the market, but Latts approaches relationships from a rather different angle.  Instead of giving the legal or financial advice that she is so well equipped to provide, she zeroes in on the center of relationship problems in terms of life energy.

A long-time practitioner in human energy potential, Latts makes the convincing argument that most problems are caused by issues surrounding self-worth and programs running in the background that unconsciously confuse and doom relationships.  She patiently and succinctly outlines the steps necessary to get rid of these programs and how to regain one's personal power.

Whether your relationships are healthy or not, this book can provide a life-changing perspective for those wanting to discover their true potential.  The book is easy to read, and she outlines the principles concisely.  The points she makes about personal energy and communication techniques are worth taking to heart.  In this book, Leatrice Latts has written a handbook on life and how to live it with your own personal flair.  Not a bad book to have on your shelf.

Gordon Goodman, PhD, Media & Entertainment Psychology


This Book Is A Life Changer.

“The ‘Source’ of Relationships” is a positive life-changer.

It shows you step by step how to deliberately but easily meet, know, feel, and partner with your own Higher Force guidance, your own “Source”.

You’ll have greater knowing:

• What you want in your life.
• How to create what you want in your life.
• How to look at things more positively.
• How to change your “victim” mentality in ways that are simple yet effective.
• How to enjoy the process of changing your life in uplifting and assertive ways.

The Book is full of common sense, scientific, and interesting examples that are persuasive and eye-opening as to the existence of energy and Source energy, and your ability to align with, feel, and leverage Source energy.

The Book suggests better ways to communicate - with your Source and with other people - ways which go beyond just effective inter-personal communication to concepts that fit a much bigger - even global - picture.

“The ‘Source’ of Relationships” should be the text for on-going seminars. It is a good reference book that ties together new, significant, and personally meaningful concepts in a straightforward way. At the same time, it is a fascinating read. Every time I read it, I get something new.

David Gibbar, MBA, General Manager of Elizabeth Gibbar, CPA; Entertainment Consultant; former Vice President, Sony Entertainment


An Uplifting Book with a Unique Approach.

“’The ‘Source’ of Relationships’ is an uplifting book offering an important new and unique approach: It shows you how to put the control of your life – including your relationships with everyone – in your own hands. It will change your life for the better. It is well-written, persuasive, and easy to read as it guides you to discover and expand your enlightenment and empowerment by accessing and aligning with the relationship that really matters – your relationship with your own Source.”

Harish K. Chopra, President and CEO of Title Lock Corporation


This Book Should be Mandatory Reading.

“Hi Lea,

I am thoroughly enjoying your book! It should be made mandatory reading in school. A class or classes could be structured using this book as a guide. It would erase confusion and bring people together. I want to thank you for sharing it with me.”

Doug Denison, Engineer, Inventor, and Author


March 21, 2018

"In her new book, “The “Source” of Relationships for Young People: How to Handle Your Parents”, Author Leatrice Lynne Latts reaches out to young people the world over, arming them with fundamental truths that have taken her a lifetime to acquire.

A lawyer, a CPA, a Judge, Teacher, and relationships expert, Latts explains a philosophy she calls “Source Energy” upon which she has bases most of her work. Rather than technical jargon, Latts cuts to the heart of relationships by focusing on an energy that can work like a compass, a compass each of us already possesses. She thoughtfully and methodically lays out her theory of Source Energy and how it works in our daily lives. She gives instructions to young people on how to recognize this Energy and how to use it. In particular, Latts cautions young people about the pain and suffering that awaits them if they abandon their own self-knowledge, only to adopt the truth the world thrusts upon them.

Like Dorothy’s journey down the yellow brick road, Latts gives young people sign-posts to follow, teaching them how to use moods as a compass, and how to stop chasing dreams – and make dreams come to you instead. Most of all, Latts pounds home the false nature of the “Win/Lose philosophy we are trained to accept from childhood. This alone is worth the price of the book, and opens the possibility of turning “HOME” into a land where everyone wins, even if parents are unaware of the changes. This puts the teenager in a position of power and confidence, finally in control of their own world.

“How to Handle Your Parents” is obviously a love letter from Latts to the generations to come. It is a concise instruction manual for young people, preparing them to be leaders and architects of a future she wishes for them all. "

Dr. Gordon Goodman, Media & Entertainment Psychology
(818) 694-2754

Dr. Gordon Goodman is a Media and Entertainment psychologist, college professor, and veteran performer, who has received special commendations from both the California State Assembly and the California State Senate for his contributions to the arts.



March 21, 2018

"In her new children’s book, author Leatrice Lynne Latts, veteran lawyer, CPA, and teacher, helps explain to children the variety of roles played by a lawyer in today’s hectic world. While this is a book targeted for women lawyers and their daughters, it amounts to much more than just a job description.

Latts, a long-time advocate of women’s rights and the empowerment of women, uses the book, “Mary’s Mommy is a Lawyer” as a way to break the legal profession down into its basics – solving conflicts, being judges, being advocates, representing those who cannot represent themselves. She reveals the power of the law and how being a female lawyer can add to that calling by using the understanding, compassion, and instincts that famously accompany their gender.

The book is written in a manner that makes it possible for a parent to take a chapter a night, slowly revealing the fundamental layers of the law most of us never see. In storybook fashion, almost like the Shoemaker and his Elves, Latts reveals a world where lawyers silently go about the task of making the world work. This is not a book about suing people or taking people to court. This is a childlike journey into the lives of people who help human beings get along. It’s about people who spend their lives defending those who cannot defend themselves. It’s about those who weave contracts like they were an art form, preventing conflicts down the road.

The drawings in the book are all done by the author in retro style as a lovely tribute to classic storybooks of the 1950’s. At the same time, the situations within the book are absolutely current.

In its final chapter, the book asks the question, “would you like to be a lawyer?” Though written for children, this chapter is a worthy quiz for any college student who is thinking about pursuing the law. Through the eyes of a child, “Mary’s Mommy is a Lawyer” offers a lovely perspective on the law and those who are devoted to it."

Dr. Gordon Goodman, Media & Entertainment Psychology
(818) 694-2754

Dr. Gordon Goodman is a Media and Entertainment psychologist, college professor, and veteran performer, who has received special commendations from both the California State Assembly and the California State Senate for his contributions to the arts.


A Business Approach and Practical Guide to Divorce;
And Life, Business, and Finances after Divorce”

This Book Is Absolutely Brilliant, Brilliantly Laid Out.

“This Book is absolutely brilliant. Brilliantly laid out, brilliantly written.

Even though the author is a lawyer and a CPA, the book is written in a conversational manner that reaches all audiences. Divorce is easy, but with this book as your guide, you’ll not only survive, you’ll gain a perspective that will enable you to flourish. Anyone facing a divorce owes it to themselves to have this book by their bedside.”

Gordon Goodman, PhD, Actor, Singer, Composer, Artist, and Author


Divorce – “Hold On - Help is Here!

“This Book “de-emotionalizes” the entire divorce process – from initial communication to the final coming together as business partners. It does this by enabling people to take control of the process. It gives readers fundamental tools, offers examples of how others have managed to take control of the divorce process, and presents legitimate and realistic solutions in a conversational and easy to read format. It does not lecture, but reflects the thoughts of a woman JD-CPA business attorney sharing her experiences over the years with her clients.

By persuasively advocating a business approach to divorce, this Book is helpful to anyone pursuing a change in their relationship, especially in reducing or eliminating the pain and expense of standard soap opera divorces. This Book helps readers get past the emotional aspects of divorce to see the business aspects. If set up properly the first time, readers will have the opportunity to avoid on-going strife, including post-divorce litigation.

Although nominally geared to woman who are contemplating or going through divorce, this Book has a much broader appeal:

1. It is helpful for husbands as well as wives, especially in understanding the dynamics of personal relationships, as well as some “how-to’s” of communication.

2. Business partners will benefit, especially by the emphasis on preventive law, business communication, and skillful “wordsmithing” of communications and agreements.

3. Couples experiencing dissatisfaction in their relationship will benefit by a joint read of this Book.

4. The Book will help ex-wives and ex-husbands with their learning to re-navigate in the post-marriage world.

Anyone in a relationship will find this Book helpful.”

David Gibbar, MBA, Entertainment Industry Consultant


She and Her Lawyer Love This Book!

“Dear Lea,

Danni’s daughter is getting a divorce. I sent her your Book and she LOVES it! She has marked passages and is using it with her attorney. Danni wants me to pass on her gratitude and thanks . . . “

Sandra Coleman, Controller


It's a How-To Book that Can Also Change Lives

"Your book is brilliant, Lea.  Brilliantly laid out, brilliantly written.  It's clear, talks in a conversational tone, sets up all the emotions and thoughts right up front that go on in a divorce.  It's a how-to book that also can change lives.  You've done an amazing job.  You should be proud."