Would you like to have personal guidance 24/ 7 from your own Source Energy - Energy that is All-Loving, All-Knowing, and All-Powerful?

• All-Loving Energy that loves you unconditionally, that knows you can have, do, be, or create anything and everything that you want.

• All-Knowing Energy that knows all about you and knows how to guide you to what you want.

• All-Powerful Energy that created and is maintaining this Universe, this world, the planets, and life force itself.

Are you at a turning point in your life? Is there an issue you or your support group would like help with or support for?





Everyone feels energy. When you feel better with some people than others, when you feel better in some places than others, that’s energy you are feeling. Everything in and of the Universe is energy: Electricity, light waves, sound waves, the subatomic particles and waves that physicists tell us are the basis of all matter. Thoughts, memories, imaginings - they all have a feeling aspect to them. That feeling aspect is energy.

Everyone at one time or another, in moments of rapturous inspiration, has felt that All-Loving, All-Knowing, All-Powerful Energy which is Source Energy. You feel as if you have ascended to a higher elevation of consciousness. In fact you have. You have accessed and are feeling Source energy. It feels wonderful. Of all the various forms of energy, Source energy feels the best - because it is the best - as good as it gets.

Everyone has access to Source energy through their own Inner Being/ Higher Self. Instead of just experiencing Source energy at random moments, See Movement enables you to deliberately access your own “Slice of Source” through your Higher Self.

• Expand your being by your own Higher Self Source energy and use it to create your life the way you want it to be.

• Let go of subconscious Programs, Patterns, Group Thought Forms, Filters, and Roles that are currently preventing you from living the life you would like to be living.




Read the Book by the Founder of See Movement - the Book, that shows you how to deliberately access and use your Higher Self Source energy:

“THE ‘SOURCE’ OF RELATIONSHIPS: The Key to Relationships that are Better than Expected with Lovers, Partners, Associates, Friends, and Even Enemies”.

Learn from author Leatrice Lynne Latts, founder of See Movement, as she shares her revolutionary approach to relationships that has helped thousands of her clients turn their life around. In this powerful and insightful book, you will learn:

• About Source Energy - the life force that we have all felt in moments of great inspiration, the highest form of energy, the fountain of all knowledge and insight, and the strongest force of creation in the Universe

• How to align yourself with Source Energy for your enlightenment and empowerment.

• Step by step how to deliberately direct and benefit from Source Energy.

• How to take control and create your life the way you want it to be - beyond your expectations.

• How to magnetize relationships and whatever else you want and feel good.

• How to discover and release hidden negative programs causing you to do things that are contrary to what you want and what’s good for you.

• How to take control and improve even your most difficult relationships.

• How to communicate, negotiate, and problem-solve with anyone about anything.

• How to provide Source inspired and directed support for you individually, for your support group, or to make a positive difference in the world.





Written by an Attorney-CPA business lawyer, personal and business coach, teacher, consultant, and founder of See Movement, “Divorce with a Pen, Not a Sword” shows you how to create a friendly, business-like divorce instead of a court battle.

DIVORCE WITH A PEN, NOT A SWORD: a Practical Guide and Business Approach to Communicating, Negotiating, and Drafting a Friendly Divorce; and Life, Business, and Finances after Divorce”.

“Divorce with a Pen, Not a Sword” offers readers who are unhappy in their relationships, contemplating marriage, contemplating or in the process of divorce, a treasure trove of practical advice, insight, and intuition.

It’s an easy to read how-to book - full of hundreds of true-life “war stories” - advocating and proving the benefits of a negotiated divorce business style, instead of a costly and demeaning court battle - a Pen instead of a Sword.

• Inspires and empowers readers to identify and convert their subconscious negative “victim baggage” to empowered and equal business partner status.

• Helps readers identify what they really want, their positions, deal points, and negotiating points.

• Offers readers alternative ways of thinking and specific scripts to communicating clearly, effectively, and persuasively - to get what they want from other people, including spouses, without making them lose.

• Provides practical advice on selecting, using, and controlling advisers.

• Provides individuals and couples contemplating marriage useful advice to help smooth the marital path for the long term.

• Provides basic understanding of business, financial, tax, and real estate matters to begin life after divorce with new opportunities and new relationships.