I Am A Completely Different Person

Hi Lea:

Your Book, “The ‘Source’ of Relationships”, solidifies and expands the concepts of See Movement.  You and See Movement have been a loving and effective facilitator and inspiration for me.  As you have inspired me, so I now know that I can and do inspire others.     

From before I met you versus now, I am a completely different person – infinitely more positive, feeling better, happier, better able to hold my own vibration, confident in the laws of the Universe and who I am.

I have much greater insight into the meaningful and powerful person that I am.  I have realized that I am:

      ·       Comfortable in myself, and open to my potential.

·       Confident in my ability to realize my potential.

·       Certain of Source as my personal Higher Force that I can easily access for guidance, the power to control my life, and the ability to create my life. 

I have very much enjoyed reading your Book, as well as discussing it with you.  It is well-written, interesting, and satisfying to the end - providing valuable insights all the way through.

The more I read your Book, the more powerfully I feel its messages, the easier and more joyful my life becomes.  “The ‘Source’ of Relationships” is a long-range gift of energy that continues to give.

 Thank you.

 David Gibbar, MBA, General Manager of Elizabeth Gibbar, CPA; Entertainment Consultant, former  Vice President, Sony Entertainment



I Feel The Energy And See The Light

Lea Latts is not only an excellent attorney, a gifted writer, but a blessing. Lea was our lead attorney for a very successful technology company, Data Tree, that is now a part of New York Stock Exchange public company with over 3 billions in revenue. Her gift of putting words in writing have been crucial in my business and personal communication. I have used Lea’s writing gift in one of my most important speeches. A father of bride speech - 700 guests laughed and were in tears during this speech. Before I tell you about Lea, “a blessing”, let me say that I am a scientist by training. And as a scientist my brain wants to use logic to understand everything.

I met Lea for lunch a couple of weeks ago, and there was shift I felt. It was a usual day, nothing out of the ordinary. As we sat at a table in this not so busy restaurant, there was a white light around everywhere. This white light was a feeling because the lights in the restaurant from lumens standpoint were normal. But this light or aura was very real. The feelings were of all is well, positive energy, it's all good now. The shift that happened at this lunch is showing up every day in the most wonderful ways. I am using feeling to guide my tasks and decisions (just so you know, I don’t get strong feelings - I am still working my way around in this feeling space). There is a flow. Business, family, piles of government paperwork, all seems to be solving themselves. The effort that seemed large and un-identified is much simpler. Things that used to bother the heck out of me are resolving with a very little effort and leaving a positive feeling behind. I must give credit to Lea, a blessing. Because she has given me a blessing.

I have known Lea for a very long time. She must have discussed this same topic with me 100’s of times, well it has finally synced in, Lea.

Lea is connected to her source. She is unconditional in her help to anyone. She has this ability to know innately. And this ability guides her to help and teach others. If one is lucky enough to meet her I hope they accept this “blessing”.

With much love,

HKC, Business Owner and Executive


The Experience Changed My Life For The Better

Dear Lea:

You asked me to describe my experience working with you with See Movement.

Basically, the experience with you and see Movement changed my life for the better. As you know, I was open to energy before we met early in 2013 - partially because of my Kung Fu Mastery. However, you made me more conscious, and more appreciative, of my energy connection, especially my connection to my Higher Self.

I am finding that as a result of our working together, I have more confidence in myself, and more trust in the Universe. I am feeling more like an empowered being - one who is capable of creating my own happiness. I am more and more an intuitive being, one who uses law of attraction and my abilities to deliberately create the life, career, and relationships that I want - in some cases, even better than I want, or ever expected.

And the process of working with you was fun, sometimes challenging, but always positive and enlightening.

Thank you.



See Movement Is A Revolutionary Healing Technique

Dear Lea:

I very much appreciate working with you, both as your healer and as a participant with you in various See Movement healings of others.

I see See Movement as a revolutionary healing technique that has expanded both my own healing techniques and me as a person and healer. I feel that you and I are on the threshold of taking energy healing to the fulfillment of its true purposes – well being plus enlightenment and empowerment without the pain.

I look forward to energy healing benefiting everyone seeking to realize their desires for well being and success in their lives, careers, and relationships, and to our joyous role in facilitating those benefits. I have every confidence that we can make a major positive difference in the life of everyone who seeks us out.

With blessings and love,



I Went From The Bottom To The Top With See Movement 

Dear Lea:

When See Movement first came into my life, I was at the bottom of a downward spiral. At the top of that spiral, I was an extremely successful businessman owning majority interests in publicly trading companies that employed 1,400 people. My personal net worth was in excess of $25,000,000. At the bottom of that spiral, I was broke, in deep debt to such creditors as IRS, without a relationship, alienated from my son, and in very poor health.

Through Lea and See Movement, I began to see the patterns of my life that culminated in that last downward spiral. The enlightenment felt good.

It felt even better to recognize and tap into the talents and the powers that are also mine. More importantly, I have been able to take control of my life and access my higher powers. In that process, I have experienced numerous times of “Aha! I created that. And it’s good”.

With the help of See Movement, I have changed my attitude, my thought patterns, and my life. I have gone from feeling totally disempowered and giving up – to enthusiastically creating my life, re-building my wealth, my career, my relationships, especially with my son, and my health. It’s going even better than I could have imagined.

And this time there will be no hidden patterns of self destruction as before. And for that I thank See Movement.



I Now Own My Power

When Lea Latts said to me one day out of the blue, "You could be a lot more than you are" I was tempted to forego my professional persona to respond with "Huh?"

What I've learned since then is that Lea sees what most people miss. She's looking in the right place.

Though I'd long known I was under-achieving I didn't really know how I would successfully turn this around. For years I'd worn the scars of parents who were not nurturing and I approached how to release the grip that had on me, only intellectually. Having worked with Lea though, the pain has been released and in its place I have freedom, motivation and energetic drive. My abilities are now fueled by my power which Lea helped me find and I'm no more only the sum of my past. Indeed, I am the 'more' of which she originally spoke.

Lea teaches at every possible opportunity, passionately focused on helping you be more. She is literally empowering the world one person at a time. My own journey, though only just underway, has brought me to find what has eluded me my entire life. I own my power now; I no longer give it away.

Lea is a gift. I plan on cherishing her and holding steadfastly to her teachings, forever. I love the better me she's helped me become.

Penny S., California


See Movement Transformed Me

Dear Lea:

Thank you for all you have done for me. For all these [three] years, I have had doubts, fears, sadness, desperation, etc. about myself and the world around me. However, through your guidance and teaching, I gradually realized who I am, what I am capable of, the purpose of my life, and more. You have transformed me from an ego-dominated person who didn’t know what he wanted, couldn’t ask for what he wanted, and couldn’t verbalize what he wanted – into a connected [to Source] being. Do you truly realize what you have done for me? - what kind of force, spirit, etc. you have put into my body, my person? I hope you do.

You are one of the most important people in my life.



Highly Successful Business Consultation

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to recommend Leatrice Latts as a highly successful and helpful business consultant. My CPA firm engaged Lea to work with members of our firm to restore harmonious relationships and enhance communication among our partners and staff. At the time she was engaged, there were (1) Open hostilities among members of the firm; (2) Communication problems; (3) General feelings of anger, mistrust, and unhappiness; and (4) Questions about personal growth, retirement and career objectives.

Over a period of a few months, Lea met with members of the firm both individually and in small groups. She facilitated discussion among partners and educated firm members about positive conditions for a successful working environment. At the end of that time, three partners of the Firm chose to leave and left under very amicable circumstances. They have continued an on-going working relationship with the Firm in the capacity of outside consultants.

The remaining members of the Firm agree that (1) the result was the best possible solution for both the Firm and the former partners; and (2) the process itself was smooth, amicable, and free of disruptions and hostilities. The remaining members of the Firm feel much more positive about their future. They are able to communicate and work together much better they have for a number of years.

I recommend highly the services of Lea and the theories of See Movement.

Thank you for your consideration.


JS, CPA, MBA, Managing Partner             


I Appreciate The Spiritual Mentoring

Dear Lea:

Over the many years we have worked together, I have appreciated your practical business approach. Your immediate focus is on clarifying, and then solving, the problem. Your response is always immediate, your solutions are good, and your caring is evident.

Even more important to me personally is the close friendship we have shared and your spiritual mentoring. I really appreciate the unconditional love and acceptance that I feel you radiating in my direction at all times. It is one of the reasons that you are one of only a handfull of people that I trust most in this world.

Thank you for always being there for me.

HC, Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

My Guardian Angel

Dear Lea:

Thank you for being a great mentor. I am just grateful to know a kind and clear-headed person like you.

Your intuition is so accurate. You made the prediction months ago that I would have to get out. And you were right. Every time I talk with you, you offer me wisdom. More importantly, you focus me in a different direction that is better both legally and spiritually. And you uplift my spirits.

You really are my Guardian angel.

EI, Attorney

The Role Model For The Many Spiritual Areas Of My Life

Dear Lea:

What started out as an attorney-client matter many years ago has become a valued friendship and an important mentoring relationship for me. You have been my role model for many spiritual areas in my life. I have been able to use the tools that you gave me to identify and clear unwanted and outmoded patterns in myself. And you have inspired and encouraged me to use those tools to help others. It has been a great journey - and fun as well - to see the positive differences that together and separately we have made in other people's lives. Thank you for all of your healings, for all of the inspiration, and for all the deliberate co-creations. I look forward to many more to come.


KM, Computer Consultant and Engineer

I Can Now See A Hopeful Future

Dear Lea:

At a time in my life when I felt physically and mentally restricted by the people and events around me, your light allowed me to see the options available to me that I had prevented myself from considering. With the help of your guiding wisdom, I can now see a hopeful future. In releasing my ego’s need for affirmation from others which had led to constant disappointment, I now eagerly
anticipate my life’s journey guided by Source.

You radiate a goodness and caring that empowers those who connect with you. This empowerment has ignited creativity in many unexpected areas of my life. I am learning to have confidence in that creative focus.

Thank you for your guidance,

SD, Attorney

My Relationships Have Improved.

Dear Lea:

Thank you for taking the time to work with me with See Movement. The experience has generally made things better in my life. For one thing, I started looking more closely at what I wanted, instead of just reacting to what others wanted. As a result, my relationships have improved.

Thank you again.


I Thank See Movement For The Role In My Life

Hi Lea:

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the broker exam! I also wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you for focusing your powerful energy and for helping me to focus mine in order to make it all happen. There was a time in my not too distant past, that an undertaking such as the broker exam would have provoked panic attacks and insomnia. With the help of your guidance, I let go of the frustration of not having perfect exam results immediately and found appreciation for the incremental baby-steps throughout my exam preparation. Building from the energy of this amazing experience, I now have every intention of passing the bar exam.

A million thanks for your role in my life,

SED, Broker


I Feel So Much Better

Hi Lea:

It’s amazing how different I feel and felt after the session yesterday - expanded with my wholehearted integrity, and moving more assuredly!

Thanks very much,

DA, O.M.D., L.Ac, doctor of oriental medicine and licensed acupuncturist



My Life Has Become Blessed

Dear Lea--

I am sitting here having a great day, and I think that it's a result of all the time we have spent together, and I wanted you to know how fortunate I feel to have you in my life, and to have you as one of my champions in my daily challenges and endeavors. 

Since we started working together, I can truly reflect on how blessed my life is and has become with your tutelage and support.  You know that you have become one of the rocks in my life.  You know how much I respect and enjoy you and the time we are able to spend together.  What you may not be aware of is how I have been able to put to use the valuable guidance and insight I have derived from our time working together.  I feel much more in control of my life and my destiny.  When I feel the need, I am able to go into my "godself" and locate the necessary tools to make each situation a fulfilling, positive and enriching experience.  It is amazing how this relatively simple exercise has become a foundation for my life planning and its execution the step towards gaining more from my life than I ever thought possible.

I feel totally free, and I have you to thank for this.  Words cannot express what words cannot express, so I will end this with the only words that really mean anything.  Thank you.  Thank you for everything you are, and everything you bring to our friendship. 


JC, mortgage lender and real estate broker



Thank You For Allowing Me To Tap Into Your Enormous Power

Dear Lea:

Thank you for the memos and the guidance you have given me.  It has truly transformed me into a different but upbeat person. Thank you Universe for letting me tap into your enormous power. Thank you Universe for letting me be who I am; thank you Universe for letting me understand my true power and ability.  Thank you Universe for introducing Lea into my life to guide me through the wonderful path of self-realization. Thank you Universe for making me realize the meaning of LOVE and being LOVED. The list could go on and on … 

Dear Lea, I have been going through a wonderful, exciting and sometimes difficult time of my life.  I am truly amazed by my intuition and determination.  Thank you.

YZ, MD, PhD., Portfolio Manager


I Got A Lot From Our Meeting

Hello again Lea,

On a personal note,

I guess I just didn’t realize how screwed up I was when I first got back from my trip.  It’s amazing how we can convince ourselves that WE’RE OK!

I really got a lot of good from our meeting, and I do want to hone my skills, with your help.  I really feel that there is going to be a good future for me, and that’s the most important thing for me to stay focused on.

Again, thanks for everything. 

JS, E.A., tax consultant


I Have Clarity And A Deeper Understanding

Dear Lea

With all the intensity of tax season swirling around me, I feel calm. I think about our discussions and easily drift to the concept of creation and the calmness comes over me like a gentle familiar wave.

It is very relaxing and at the same time very interesting. It is during these moments that I feel that there are opportunities which are endless and mine. I have clarity and a deeper understanding of what can be and what will be.


DG, Executive, Glendale, CA