Workshops for Personal and Business Solutions and Empowerment

Basic See Movement Workshops:

1. Levels of energy.
2. Accessing your Zone.
3. Law of Attraction.
4. Patterns, Filters, Blocks, and Roles.                                             
5. Deliberately creating what you want.

Specific Creation Workshops.

1. Abundance and money.
2. Relationships.
3. Personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Problem Specific Workshops for your problems/ opportunities.

Advanced See Movement Workshops.

1. Advanced release techniques.
2. Helping others.

Workshops for HR Executives, Supervisors, and Management:

1. Prevent and solve problems, including harassment.
2. Communication skills - business and interpersonal.
3. Dispute resolution

4. Mediation.
5. People skills.
6. Leadership and supervision skills.
7. Team selection and building.
8. Deliberate creation.

9. Business Planning.
10. Business succession.  

Workshops for Women:  

1. You and your relationships: Why they haven't worked.
2. Creating the relationship that you want.

3. Making your relationship last.